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BEIJING, January 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new report from China.org.cn on the better life in China:

Hi, I’m Yuan Yuan. Today, I’m taking you on an in-depth tour of the quality of life for people on the Chinese mainland.

Living in mainland China today, you can enjoy 5G internet access, high-speed train travel, online shopping and mobile payments. These are lifestyles that people in Mainland China take for granted, but which are new to many people.

The communications industry in mainland China has grown from a toddler in the 2G era to a global leader in the 5G era. At May 27, 2020, China Mobile has built a 5G network at Everest Advance Camp at 6,500 meters above sea level. At this time, the history of mobile communications in the world was rewritten by China.

Nowadays, people can book tickets, call taxis and make hospital appointments through various online platforms, as well as shop online and order takeout. After one-click payment, the courier will deliver to your door soon. When shopping in convenience stores and supermarkets, I am no longer afraid of forgetting my money. Taking out your laptop to “scan and pay” has become my daily routine.

Do you think that’s all? When driving, the mapping software helps you avoid traffic jams; when you wear a smart watch, your health is always monitored; when you clean, the cleaning robot helps you free your hands; When you walk into a bank, you can quickly withdraw money using facial recognition. I can say that artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are in every way improving the lives of people on the Chinese mainland.

China The high-speed railway, with a speed of over 350 km/h and a 38,000 kilometer “eight vertical and eight horizontal” railway network, has become a “Chinese miracle” that the world has marveled at. As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics approaches, people will take the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway to experience the ice and snow culture and the charm of the Winter Olympics.

In mainland China’s latest high-speed rail plan, by 2035, I will be able to return to taipei from mainland China by high-speed train. How is? Pretty impressive, right?

As people’s quality of life is progressing to a high level, China is taking concrete steps as a major and responsible country in the world. What are the specific extraordinary things that China did?

Stay tuned for our next episode, and I’ll tell you more!

Yuan Yuan’s Journey to Mainland China Episode II – A Better Life


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